Welcome to ShittyHats.com! We make Shitty Hats ;)


Coworkers battle head to head to win love, fame, and the title of Best Shitty Hat.

Who will walk away with the figurative crown (there’s no real crown, only Shitty Hats) and will secure their spot in the next season?  Whose hats will collect dust in the warehouse and be eliminated?

I’m scared. Please hold me.

Remember these hats are one of a kind (x34). Only 34 of each exist. Don’t miss your only chance to find The Perfect Shit. Or spend the rest of your life at the bar telling strangers about the one that got away. We’re not your parents.

This is how it works

Everyone at Pit Viper designs a shitty hat.

34 of these hats are created, while the factory workers look on in disgust. “Who the hell designed this hat?” They wonder. 

We did.

Cast your vote for your favorite shitty hat! Just follow these steps.

1. Add your favorite shitty hat to your cart.

2. Input your credit card and shipping information.

3. Complete Checkout, your vote has been cast!

The first hat to sell out wins! Winners win an all expensive paid trip to work the next day.