Warranties & Returns


Did you manage to break your Pit Vipers? Okay. First of all, wow, we're impressed. You must be very strong.

Here are the steps for your warranty.

Step 1: Shoot a dramatic reenactment of how they broke.

Step 2: Refer to the word 'dramatic' in step 1. WE WANT DRAMA.

Step 3: Email these three things to 1. Dramatic reenactment 2. Photos of broken pair 3. Original order number (or full name, address, whatever you can give us to look up your order). 

Step 4: We watch your video and critique the cinematic quality and direction.

Step 5: Get replacement Pit Vipers.

* Don't want to shoot a video? FINE. You're no fun. Just email us the rest of the requirements in Step 3.

** Lost? Stolen? At the bottom of the lake? Sorry friend, if it wasn't the Pit Vipers BREAKING it's probably not a warranty. Send us a video anyway though. Maybe we will help you out on your next pair or something.

Gmail Link:

The best one we've seen:


Say Whaaaa?? Sure, but ask your friends and loved ones first because you might just be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Shhhh, it's okay we will take care of you.

No Risk Returns. Free shipping to you, free return shipping too (in the United States).