The Game Show

Y'all ready for this?

Welcome, Agents, to the inaugural Game Show!

(Thunderous applause)

May the best Agent win.

Show us what you've got.

The winner (chosen by us) will get $200 to the Pit Viper shop and everything pictured here! Including Jaybird headphones, a Predator drone, a Smith ski helmet, Spikeball, and more...

Holy Cannoli! That's a mountain of prizes!


Wear Pit Vipers, Post, Submit, Get Ranked, Win.

Each of the next three weeks has a game (below). Make your video then do three things with it:

1. Post it to the Agent Facebook Page.

2. Send the full video using WeTransfer to carly@pitvipersunglasses.com

3. Post the best excerpt of the video to your Instagram.

Once a week we will rank the top 3 submissions. First place will get 25 points, second will get 15, third will get 10. Whoever finishes the third week with the most points wins!


One more thing

Don't shoot vertical. It's not Snapchat. Videos will mainly be judge on the quality of the content (costumes, humor, PIT VIPERS duh) but shooting a good looking video will certainly help. Don't shoot vertical.

Week 1

The Dating Game

Watch the example and get ready to woo your viewers. Find a solid color background, take a seat, and tell us about yourself. We want a 60 second video (give or take a little). Here's some questions to include and remember to restate the question in your answer!

  • Who are you?
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • If you were a breakfast cereal character, who would you be and why?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • What do members of the opposite sex love about you?
  • What kind of person are you looking for?

There, that should get you started.

Submit Yours by Monday, Oct. 24

Week 2

The Voice: Smashmouth Edition

Karaoke time! Film yourself doing your best rendition of 'Walking On The Sun' by Smashmouth using this video. You will be judged on performance, costumes, dance moves, and creativity. Go wild, this will probably go viral.

Submissions due Tuesday, Nov. 1

Week 3

America's Funniest Home Videos

Take the fall. Or have your friend take the fall. Make it funny. Immediate disqualification if you get hurt.

Submit Yours by Monday, Nov. 7

Make us proud

Do you have any questions?

Contact Carly on the Agents Facebook group or at her email at carly@pitvipersunglasses.com. Have fun!